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Announcement: SystemDK

SystemDK Content Management System - is program complex, intended for creating, developing and supporting websites and internet solutions of small level with maximum time economy. The system has modular and block structure, which easily allows to adapt to the tasks of your web-project and provides wide opportunities for its management to the customer. SystemDK complies with international standards W3C, that makes the system more perfect, universal and usable. Installation of SystemDK on hosting area takes few minutes, site development based on the system speeds up in several times and administration interface allows to manage the structure of your project.

What is CMS?

CMS definition by Wikipedia:
Content Management System (CMS) is a bundled or stand-alone application used to create, manage, store, and deploy content on Web pages. Web content includes text, graphics and photos, video, audio, and code (e.g., for applications) that renders other content or interacts with the customer. CMS may also catalog or index content, select or assemble content at runtime, or deliver content to specific visitors in a personalized way, such as in different languages.

CMS general definition:
CMS (Content Management System) - site content management system. It is a program that provides tools for adding, editing, deleting information on the site, and tools for controlling functionality of the site. While using CMS it is not required for the customer to have programming skills or knowledge of HTML, for example, to publish news, page or add a picture on the website. CMS usually consist of two parts: 1) back-office - it is a part of the system which is responsible for functionality and data storage; 2) front-office - it is a part of the system that provides an interface to the customers. In the classification CMS is divided according to its basic function - the type of content. In the Internet the most common types are portals, catalogs, online stores, etc. Also, recently, universal systems have been spreading, which can be customized for any type of content.

Required software

Required software:
- Web server Apache with module mod_rewrite;
- Interpreter php 5.4 version and above;
- One of the following databases: MySQL, Oracle


Features and benefits:
- Easy installation;
- Possibility to use different DBMS;
- Design templates (division of a program part from design);
- Possibility to choose design theme;
- Possibility to create multilingual website and manage it in single interface;
- Possibility to create online store;
- "Clean url" functionality (user-friendly URLs);
- Automatic rollback in case of failure in multiple insertions into the database;
- Comfortable content management;
- Visual editor;
- Built-in video/audio player;
- Web 2.0;
- And much more

About SystemDK

SystemDK Content Management System is distributed by us as is and without any warranty. If you are interested in technical support and/or additional functionality (modules, blocks, theme, etc.), you can contact us concerning developing cost of necessary additions or order development by third-party developers.

Site news

SystemDK v3.5.1Writing date: [20.11.16 23:25]

SystemDK v3.5.1 is available. Fixed some small bugs. New version includes updates for the next components: "CKEditor" visual editor, "ADOdb" classes for database access.


SystemDK v3.5Writing date: [31.08.16 00:53]

SystemDK v3.5 is available. Now the Shop module is integrated with Portmone payment system, which allows a buyer to use bank card in any currency, and a seller, after convertation, receives payment on his own UAH account. It provides your shop a reliable and safe payment tool (including 3D Secure payments), which can be used by your customers with different payment cards. Also your shop goods can have additional parameters (color, size, etc...).


SystemDK v3.4Writing date: [18.01.16 00:16]

SystemDK v3.4 is available. System adopted for PHP 7, in additional PSR-1, PSR-2 code styling. New version includes updates for the next components: "CKEditor" visual editor, "ADOdb" classes for database access, "Smarty" template engine, "FlowPlayer" audio/video player.


SystemDK v3.3Writing date: [26.07.15 15:30]

SystemDK v3.3 is available. Now main encoding is utf-8 and it is using by default. Fixed some small bugs, updates for the next components: Smarty template engine, CKEditor visual editor, FlowPlayer audio/video player.


SystemDK v3.2Writing date: [19.01.15 09:39]

SystemDK v3.2 is available. Added new module - "Questionnaires" which allow to lead questionnaire within Your organization, manage questionnaires and interviewed groups, view the questionnaire result (as a whole and for each participant). System includes update for the next components: visual editor "CKEditor", audio/video player "FlowPlayer", "Smarty" template engine.


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